Outraged Farmers May Delay Debut Of Tata's Nano, The World's Cheapest Car

Displaced farmers in India may force Tata Group to move a factory and delay the debut of its $2,500 car:

MSNBC: The chairman of the Tata Group threatened Friday to move an important auto factory out of India’s West Bengal state because of violent farmer protests and strong political opposition, a move that could delay the debut of the world’s cheapest car.

The pint-sized Nano, priced at $2,500, was scheduled to go on sale by the end of the year, but if Tata pulls the Nano factory out of West Bengal, the much-anticipated car would likely be delayed.

But the plant has sparked protests by displaced farmers who say they haven’t received proper compensation and opposition politicians who accuse the company of taking advantage of the rural poor.

Company chairman Ratan Tata said he was prepared to leave West Bengal if the protests continue.

“If the state for any reason … feels that we are exploiting them, if that is the feeling, we will exit,” Tata told reporters Friday in Calcutta.

“We can’t operate the plant with police protection,” he said, adding that protesters have attacked Tata employees and stolen equipment from the factory site.

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