OUTRAGE OF THE DAY: Free iPhone 4 Bumper Won't Arrive Until September!

Steve JobsAre you happy now, whiners?!

Lots of people are tweeting about ordering their free iPhone 4 “bumper” or case today, which Apple is providing as compensation for the iPhone 4’s antenna situation. (Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to order yours.)The biggest complaint: The thing isn’t going to arrive until September!

The problem is likely that Apple and its third-party case makers won’t be able to make the specific cases fast enough to meet demand.

But it sure seems convenient that this could force the people who are actually having problems with their iPhone antenna to go to the Apple Store and buy a case in the meantime. (The good news is that Apple will reimburse you for Apple bumper purchases, even if you buy the case through the AT&T store. But not for third-party cases. So if the bumpers are out of stock, you’re out of luck.)

Here’s a few tweets about the bumpers:

  • maneeshsahu: Ordered the free iPhone bumper. Apple plans to ship on Sept 1. More dropped calls for another month.
  • xsn0w: Got the confirmation email. Looking forward to a Sept 1 delivery. that’s a long time for a silly bumper. http://yfrog.com/n2gdsxj
  • mkornfeind: Just got my shipping order from Apple on my bumper…expected delivery Sept 1. Ouch…
  • bgiese: Ordered my free bumper case. Estimated deliver date is Sept. 1st. Good thing I’m not having antenna problems.
  • zacharye: iPhone 4 case order confirmation email says it’ll be delivered on September 1. If I planned to use it, I’d be annoyed.

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