Microsoft makes the best calendar app for your iPhone

I was pretty devastated when Microsoft officially announced the death of my favourite calendar app, Sunrise.

I spent some time playing around with alternatives like Google Calendar and Fantastical, but none of them seemed to cut it. Sunrise was perfect for me.

But there’s good news: All of Sunrise’s best features have been spun into the iPhone version of Outlook, which also happens to be my favourite email app. The transition didn’t happen overnight, but now I can barely tell the difference. Outlook’s calendar is almost a clone of the Sunrise app.

At first, I was concerned about using the same app for email and calendar, but it turns out to be the perfect solution. The calendar and email functions of Outlook live in separate tabs, but still work really well together for sharing contacts and locations. And even though it’s a Microsoft product, it works seamlessly if you’re like me and use Gmail and Google Calendar for everything. Plus using one app frees up an extra space on my iPhone’s home screen.

Now for the downside: Microsoft doesn’t have a good calendar solution for Mac users who want a good desktop calendar. Sunrise’s Mac app was incredible, but now I’m stuck either paying $50 for Fantastical (too much) or using Apple’s sub-par Calendar app. I’m going with the latter option until someone creates a Mac calendar that can stand up to what Sunrise was.

Microsoft may have bungled its opportunity to make its own smartphone platform, but it has done the next best thing in mobile: It’s been snapping up the best mobile productivity apps like Sunrise, Acompli (which turned into Outlook), and Wunderlist to entice you to turn any phone into a Microsoft phone.

And Outlook is the best of them all.

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