Members of the European Parliament aren't allowed to use Microsoft's fancy new email app

It’s a sad day for the European Parliament. The IT staff in Brussels have banned members of the European Parliament from using Microsoft’s latest email app because of fears about its security, IT World reports.

Microsoft just launched an Outlook app for iOS that includes lots of great features. It works with Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and pretty much every other email provider. The app also features a simple-to-read calendar, and you can swipe on emails to file them away.

Here’s what the new Outlook app looks like:

It’s a useful app — especially so for busy politicians with overloaded email inboxes. But DG ITEC, the organisation that looks after the IT system in the European Parliament in Brussels, has banned its members from using the app.

Here’s the email that was sent out to Members:

Please do not install this application, and in case you have already done so for your EP corporate mail, please uninstall it immediately and change your password.

The ban comes after it was discovered that the new Outlook app has a pretty big security problem. It’s claimed that the Outlook app sends passwords data and emails to Microsoft to be stored in the cloud. That’s not an issue for the average user, but large companies are concerned over any kind of cloud-based storage since it’s out of their control.

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