These Photographs From Hong Kong's Daredevil 'Rooftoppers' Will Take Your Breath Away

With the massive protests in Hong Kong raging for a second day, officials in Hong Kong have initiated a blackout of Instagram throughout the city.

That means that, along with images of demonstrators flooding the streets of downtown Hong Kong, the impressive and sometimes nausea-inducing shots from the city’s “Outlaw Instagrammers” will go unseen, as well.

These daredevils, who defy both death and the law, climb to the top of Hong Kong’s tallest buildings, of which there are quite a few, and snap amazing photos of themselves and their friends, posting the results on Instagram.

With Instagram blocked in Hong Kong, we thought we would compile a list in the meantime of the best “rooftoppers” (as they like to be called) from Hong Kong. We don’t suggest you try these feats on your own, but feel free to live vicariously through these crazy shots.

Hong Kong is known as the 'most vertical city' in the world, with more than 1,200 skyscrapers. There seems to be no better place for Instagrammers, like @daniel__lau, to do what they do best.

@Daniel__lau recently made headlines when he posted this video on Instragram of him and his friends taking selfies on the very top of Hong Kong's fifth-tallest skyscraper, known as 'The Centre.'

His friend, @airin.heatscore was there, too, calmly eating a banana.

Due to the lack of space on Hong Kong Island, the city needed to build upwards, in order to accommodate the city's more than 7 million people.

Because of the fairly recent and rapid growth of the city, much of the buildings are newer construction, giving 'rooftoppers' like @lawrencedehk, tons of new structures to climb.

The population of Hong Kong has increased by more than one million in the past 20 years. Currently, it's one of the most densely populated places on Earth.

The rooftopping trend can be traced back to a group of intrepid climbers in Russia who shocked the world with their dangerous shots. While those were nerve-wracking, pictures from Hong Kong are no less impressive, like this one by @d_sights.

So impressive so that some of the original rooftoppers from Russia, the team of @ontheroofs, recently visited Hong Kong to check it out (and climb it) for themselves.

With a location as beautiful as Hong Kong, the views can be stunning, like this one by @kulkimoose.

And, of course, the sunsets are spectacular, too.

Many rooftopping instagrammers in Hong Kong, like @ lawrencetsuii, use the hashtag '#exthetics' for their daring shots, which they consider to be a mix of art and extreme sports.

We agree, the photos certainly have an extreme element to them, and many of them are quite beautiful.

While 93.6% of Hong Kong's population is Chinese, the city attracts ex-pats from all over the world. @Erikbiedron, originally from Sweden, now lives in Hong Kong and takes some of the most insane shots of all.

He, like all of the 'outlaw instagrammers' in Hong Kong, seem to have no fear.

Not all of the rooftop Instagrammers in Hong Kong are men, either. Many women, like @Lielaine below, get in on the action.

All the serious and inherent danger aside, there doesn't seem to be a better place to take in the glory of Hong Kong than from one of its tallest buildings.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.

Want to see more daredevil Instagrammers?

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