Popular Former Deputy PM Anthony Albanese Will Stand For The Labor Leadership

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Outgoing deputy prime minister Anthony Albanese has put his hand up for the Labor Party leadership.

It means the entire 40,000 rank and file members of the Labor party will have a say in who becomes the next leader, under new rules introduced by outgoing PM Kevin Rudd.

This will be the first time the leader of a party will be decided in part by members of the public.

Albanese, from Labor’s New South Wales left faction, will run against Bill Shorten for the top job.

Shorten earlier this week said he would stand, saying he believed he could unite the party.

Outgoing treasurer Chris Bowen has been named interim leader of the party. The rank and file vote could mean the process could take up to 30 days.

“I’m standing for the Labor leadership because I firmly believe that I’m the best candidate to lead Labor back into government at the next election,” the former deputy prime minister told reporters after the meeting.

“I’m standing because I have the policy credentials developed over a long period of time.

“I’m standing because, as a senior minister in the government for six years, I looked after infrastructure, transport, regional development, local government, broadband, communications and the digital economy.

“I did a good sound job in implementation of all of our policies in those areas. I think I’m up to a hard job.

“My record shows that I have an ability to work with people – both across the Labor Party, but also across the parliament, in the community, and with the business sector,” Albanese said according to the ABC.

The ABC has more.

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