The Most Outrageous Outfits At Bonnaroo, a 4-Day Hippy Fest In Nowhere, Tennessee

Bonnaroo 2013 hula hoop

Bonnaroo is a 4-day music festival in the middle of nowhere Tennessee, 70-miles outside Nashville.

It ended yesterday after 90,000 people enjoyed music performances by Billy Idol, Tom Petty, Paul McCartney, The Lumineers, R. Kelly and more.

If you’ve never attended Bonnaroo, then the attire worn by attendees may surprise you. Judgement-free hippies wear next to nothing to stay cool during the 95-degree days and camp in tents at night.

How strange were the outfits, exactly? We took lots of pictures. Prepare to be startled.

The moment you step onto the 700 mile field in Manchester, Tennessee, you notice an array of unusual people.

90,000 people piled in for the 4-day festival in 95-degree heat. So many people were wearing as little clothing as possible and running through fountains to stay cool.

If you wore too much, you could have passed out like this guy. We found him dressed like a Teletubby at the banana stand.

Actually, we found strangely dressed people strewn all over Bonnaroo, sleeping wherever they felt like it. Often, they looked like a pile of corpses. We waited until this guy rolled over and began coughing to make sure he was alright.

At Bonnaroo, it's a judgement-free zone. People express themselves in all sorts of ways. Outfits ranged from hippy versions of Santa and his elves...

...To handmade dresses.

Everyone wore (and lost) sunglasses. Some were more unusual than others, like this woman's heart-shaped glasses. She's also outfitted in a construction worker's vest.

This couple wore matching tie-dye. Swim suits were often all that was worn, which is how this pregnant lady decided to roll.

People brought accessories to help them dance. Hula hoop dancers were frequently sighted.

Although plenty of people had no problem dancing by themselves, accessory free.

This guy held a giraffe on a stick. Others held up dressed volleyballs that looked like Wilson from Cast Away, stuffed animals and flags.

Here's a light saber and a flag at the Billy Idol concert. Drug dealers at Bonnaroo sometimes used flags to discretely communicate their offerings. Other times, flags were used to help groups find each other in the crowd.

Here's another flag and a head dress. People wore all sorts of things on their heads, from bandannas to crowns of flowers and interesting hats.

Umbrellas were a common accessory, so people could make their own shade.

This woman used hers to complete her outfit.

This umbrella was functional. This woman also covered herself in body paint. Many others covered themselves in paint and/or glitter, including some members of the Bonnaroo staff.

Another example.

Because cell service was limited and charging stations were non-existent at Bonnaroo, people used good old glow sticks instead of mobile devices to wave around during concerts.

This woman had them braided in her fish tail.

A funky look when they're all lit up.

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