'People should boycott everything about you': Athleisure startup CEO rips into rival brand for allegedly copying its legging design

Bandier / Outdoor VoicesThe Bandier leggings (left) cost $US98, while the Outdoor Voices version (right) costs $US95.
  • Bandier launched its new private-label collection, “We Over Me,” last week.
  • Customers claim it is strikingly similar in appearance to leggings made by Outdoor Voices, a rival athleisure company.
  • Outdoor Voices’ founder and CEO, Tyler Haney, called out Bandier in a story on Instagram.

Athleisure fans across the US are up in arms.

This weekend, Bandier, an activewear retailer that stocks multiple brands, launched a private-label collection called “We Over Me” online, in five of its stores, and on Net-A-Porter.

The collection ranges from $US68 for tops up to $US105 for full-length leggings.

But the launch didn’t get quite the fanfare the brand had hoped for as many customers turned to social media to express disdain for the collection, claiming it was far too similar to some of the products sold at Outdoor Voices, an outdoor clothing company based in Austin.

“Embarrassing rip off of @outdoorvoices,” one Instagram commenter wrote on Bandier’s post.

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Olive and blush never looked so good.

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Outdoor Voices founder Tyler Haney then responded in an Instagram story.

“Each style in @bandier’s ‘new’ line is a rip off of an OV style. What kind of brand is WeMe @bandier? Embarrassed for you. People should boycott everything about you,” Haney said on Instagram, according to Racked.

Haney was subsequently blocked by Bandier’s Instagram account, sending consumers into an even bigger frenzy.

“Y’all suck for copying @outdoorvoices for real and for blocking their founder @ty_haney,” one Instagram user wrote.

Some customers have defended Bandier, claiming that Outdoor Voices doesn’t have exclusivity to this style of leggings.

“@outdoorvoices weren’t the first ones and aren’t the only ones to have colour block leggings. Many companies have similar colour block leggings! People need to stop being such haters!” one Instagram user said.

The CEO of Bandier, Neil Boyarsky, said that the brand’s new collection has a unique fabric and fit.

“Tyler Haney has built an amazing business and we admire and respect her, from one female-founded business to another. However, she has decided to attack BANDIER, as well as our customers and supporters with unsubstantiated claims that have hurt many people,” he said in a statement to the press.

Haney said in a statement to Business Insider: “We built Outdoor Voices as an inclusive, positive brand to encourage people to get active and start Doing Things. When other companies imitate our product, it not only undermines the creativity that goes into designing it, but more importantly, our mission; we’re building something much bigger than ourselves, and we’re proud of it. It’s touching and empowering to see such loyalty in our community, and I’m excited to keep building OV together.”

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