The Startup That Digitizes Your Snail Mail Just Raised $5 Million

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Outbox is a service that collects your postal mail and digitizes it, freeing you from the hassle of ever walking to your mailbox.

The digital mail startup just raised $5 million in Series A funding, TechCrunch reports.

With a total of $7.2. million raised, Outbox is seeing a back order of requests to join its beta, because Outbox sounds like a really good idea.

Three times a week, Outbox swings by your mailbox and grabs your mail. Any small parcels (like Netflix DVD’s) will be placed at your door. They can also send them to your work if you prefer.

Outbox will then scan and upload your physical mail, forwarding it to your email or iOS app.

If you need a physical copy, you have 30 days to request it; after that Outbox shreds everything for security purposes. Don’t worry, they’ll always keep a digital copy of your documents on their end in case you accidentally delete an email.

The service is $4.99 a month.

Outbox has tested its service in Austin, TX and San Francisco — where it is currently still in a closed beta, though the company plans to move to an open beta by the end of the year.

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