Outback Yowies have captured Angry Birds

Andrew Goodman/Getty Images for Sony Pictures Entertainment

The Yowie Group, the Australian company pushing into the US market with its chocolate covered toys based on a bush legend, has done a deal with the owners of “Angry Birds”, the addictive smartphone game.

The Perth-based company has signed a three-year licensing agreement with Rovio Entertainment, the Finnish video game developer.

This will allow Yowie to manufacture and distribute an Angry Birds chocolate-covered toy for the US market. The Angry Birds launch is being timed to coincide with the release of a new “Angry Birds” movie in May 2016.

“‘Angry Birds’ is one of the most recognisable entertainment franchises in the world and we are pleased Rovio has chosen to partner with Yowie for the US market,” says Wayne Loxton, Yowie’s executive chairman.

Yowie chocolates first launched in Australia in 1995, quickly becoming the number one selling single confectionery for Cadbury.

A copyright dispute saw the chocolate-covered toys fade away. However, the Yowie Group bought the rights to the brand in 2012 during the Kraft takeover of Cadbury.

The company has done a deal for Yowies to be stocked at more than 4000 Walmart stores in the US.

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