Outback pubs and clubs in Queensland will be allowed to reopen from this Friday – and they're getting sent free beer to celebrate

  • Outback pubs and clubs in Queensland are getting sent free kegs of XXXX Gold.
  • The pubs and clubs are being allowed to reopen for diners on Friday May 15 as a reward for parts of the region not seeing any cases of coronavirus.
  • Up to 20 people will be allowed inside at one time.
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Outback areas of Queensland are being rewarded for not having any coronavirus cases.

The Queensland government is sending 60 free kegs (3000 litres) of XXXX Gold to outback pubs and clubs in the state, which will be allowed to reopen for dining on May 15.

State premier Annastacia Palaszczuk eased restrictions on the pubs because parts of outback Queensland haven’t had any cases of the coronavirus.

Palaszczuk made the announcement on Wednesday during her visit to the XXXX Brewery in Milton. A free keg will be sent to pubs and clubs in Roma, Barcaldine, Ilfracombe, Longreach, Dulacca, Yuleba, Wallumbilla, Mungallala and Blackall – which can have up to 20 guests at a time.

“We know that many parts of Queensland have been dealt more than their fair share of blows, and a global pandemic on top of years of drought – as well as floods, fires and other natural disasters – is almost too much to fathom,” Palaszczuk said in a statement.

“We hope that by carefully relaxing some of the restrictions in these regions, we can start to rebuild our regional economies – and give everyone the morale boost they really need right now.”

XXXX sales director Pat Donohue said in a statement the company has done its best to support pubs and clubs on their journey to reopening.

On March 23 the company said it would credit its customers for all full kegs when they were forced to close – the equivalent of about $5 million for pubs and clubs in Queensland.

“Now we want to do our bit for these pubs and clubs in the outback – it is these venues where communities come to meet in good times and in bad, and they really are what makes this state so great,” he said.

“We hope this truck full of free kegs will make it a little bit easier for them to turn their taps back on this weekend – and bring their communities back together.”

Queensland is more broadly easing its coronavirus-related restrictions from 11.59pm on Friday May 15, allowing up to 10 people in a public pace across the rest of the state. Up to 10 people will also be permitted at weddings, open homes and auctions. Indoor funerals can have 20 people and outdoor funerals can have 30 people.


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