Our 4 HOUR iPhone 4S Adventure!

apple employees

This morning, I woke up at 5:30 to begin my great iPhone 4S adventure.

I’ve never had an iPhone before, just a Blackberry, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I can’t even say I was excited.

I waited four hours in a few-hundred-person line at the Apple Store on 14th and 9th Avenue in Manhattan.

Finally, I held my new phone. Siri greeted me, and I started downloading every app I could never get before.

It's 6:16 AM and I'm leaving my apartment to get a good spot in line at the Apple store. My Blackberry doesn't even know what's about to happen. Sad.

I stop at Dunkin doughnuts for fuel and order the biggest iced coffee they have. I have a long journey ahead of me.

There aren't many people out and about, but maybe this guy is going to get his new iPhone too.

I get off the subway and walk a few blocks. Soon, the 14th Street Apple store looms before me.

These people camped out overnight and are first in line.

It's now 7 AM and Apple employees are guarding the doors. Nice sweats.

There's still an hour to go before the store opens, but news crews are already set up, and the line of anxious Applers extends down the block.

It goes on...

And on...

And on.

I take my spot at the end of the line, exactly one block up on 14th and Washington.

At least a dozen Apple employees keep watch over the crowd.

Soon, people are lined up behind me.

This guy brought knitting supplies to kill time.

The guy in front of me really needs the upgrade.

A police officer tells me he and eleven of his buddies are on duty at the 14th Street store. Even more cops are based at the Columbus Circle store.

An Apple guy comes around with Smart Water. I'm told it was Steve Jobs' drink of choice.

At three minutes to eight, the line starts moving.

This is as far as I make it before I'm stopped.

Meanwhile, the line continues to grow.

The place is crawling with reporters and camera crews.

CNN sets up shop nearby.

They start shooting right in front of me. I can't resist waving at the camera.

I request a black 16GB iPhone 4S, woohoo!

But I'm still standing in the same spot.

I'm bored, so I start taking more interesting shots of the line.

I check in on Foursquare and unlock the Jobs badge. Aw.

All right, I'm moving again! The Apple sign is now in view.

I'm feeling good for being ahead of all these people.

A reminder that life goes on outside the Apple store.

Oo, guys with bags. Could that be breakfast??

Nope, it's just shower oil

I creep closer and think I'm almost there...but I stand here for 30 more minutes.

I'm next!

But inside, there's yet another line.

So I continue waiting.

There's a cool, winding glass staircase in the centre of the store. Up at the top is where my iPhone 4S will be.

Up the stairs I go!

Stinks for you guys.

I find a perch above the store, feeling accomplished.

But surprise! There's another line.

Now I'm in the final stretch. This Apple employee is showing off some of the new 4S features to keep me occupied.

Now I'm REALLY next!

Matt comes over to greet me. He just started working at the Apple store in August. He has my phone!

It's so pretty, I can't wait to unwrap it.

At last, it is mine.

But it will take getting used to.

Now see what other people suffered through this morning to get their 4S iPhones:

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