This otter got caught in plastic litter discarded by humans -- and could die from it

Pat Patrick/UK Wild Otter TrustAn otter was spotted with plastic litter around its neck in the River Stour in Dorset.
  • A wild otter was spotted in England with a plastic cable tie around its neck.
  • It is believed to be in the River Stour in Blandford, Dorset.
  • Campaigners say it could get stuck on a branch or twig and die.

A wild otter has been photographed in England with a plastic cable tie around its neck that wildlife campaigners say could kill it.

The creature was spotted in the River Stour in Blandford, Dorset, on Saturday. Experts who have been keeping an eye on the otter say it probably has a den nearby.

Dave Webb, the founder of the UK Wild Otter Trust, told Business Insider the detritus around its neck could be made up of as many as five cable ties stuck to each other and tangled in the otter’s fur.

Webb said: “Because it’s got the cable tie around its neck, it still appears to be diving and hunting without the cable tie hindering it.

“If it dives underwater, and gets caught on a branch or a twig, it could die.”

Webb also said that the cable tie was most likely still on the animal and that he would be visiting Blandford this coming Sunday to assess the situation.

Natural England, the UK government’s adviser on environmental affairs, has also given the Wild Otter Trust permission to “humanely trap” the otter to get the litter out, the charity tweeted on Wednesday.

The Wild Otter Trust has also used the opportunity to warn nearby residents against pollution.

It tweeted on Sunday: “The cable tie is not a fashion accessory.

“Discarded waste can kill our wildlife! Please look out for plastic pollution on your patch and pick it up.”

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