14 incredible perks for new parents beyond paid parental leave

Earlier this month, Netflix announced its new mum and dad employees can take off as much time as they want during the first year after their child’s birth or adoption.

Microsoft followed suit by announcing it will provide 20 weeks of fully-paid maternity leave and 12 weeks for new fathers come November, and similarly Adobe will soon offer 26 weeks of paid maternity leave and 16 weeks of paid paternity leave for both birth and adoptive parents.

But these radical paid parental leave policies aren’t the only way companies can help new mums and dads through their transition to parenthood.

Here’s how other employers are making life for new parents that much better with generous and unique perks:

A crafting group that makes items for the new babies

Courtesy of reddit

According to a Reddit spokesperson, a group of about seven employees at Reddit gather once a week around 4:30 p.m. to get their knitting, crocheting, embroidering, sewing, and yarn spinning on, and they often create items for new babies of fellow Redditers.

Baby cash


Yahoo tells Business Insider its new parents receive an undisclosed amount of reimbursement to assist with new child related expenses.

At Facebook, the company confirms parents receive $US4,000 as a 'new child benefit' for each child born or adopted.

New parents at Google receive $US500 toward baby bonding according to a company spokesperson.

And Reddit says it provides its employees with a $US1,500 annual stipend that may be used towards daycare and babysitting, gym reimbursement, healthy sleeping reimbursement, organisation reimbursement, pet care, and doctors on demand.

Parent support groups

The Office / NBC

Companies like Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Oliver Wyman, and FINRA all offer various support, mentoring, and counseling groups.

Twitter tells Business Insider it offers a multitude of support groups for new parents or parents to be, including its 'New Mums' and 'Mums-to-Be' roundtables for women who are either going out on parental leave or just returning to share questions, concerns, and best practices; a 'Mummy Mentor' program; 'Working Mums' monthly lunches; and 'Dads On Leave' and 'Managers of Parents on Leave' roundtables.

Open to both mums and dads, Facebook confirms it provides workshops to help new parents prepare for breastfeeding before birth by sharing strategies to maximise breastfeeding success and how to maximise milk supply, to provide tips on making a return-to-work plan, and to address common concerns about going back to work while breastfeeding.

EY launched an initiative called the 'Career & Family Transitions program' in 2012 and today employs four full-time coaches that have worked with 600 mums and dads on talking through their work-life issues.

Survivor benefits

Lucélia Ribeiro

Survivor income benefits for orphaned children of Google employees last 10 years, according to a company spokesperson.

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