OTC Markets Halted Due To A 'Connectivity Issue'

OTC Markets
halted earlier todaydue to a “connectivity issue,” the Wall Street Journal’s Jacob Bunge reports.

Traders were unable to access the market, a main venue for securities not listed on Nasdaq or NYSE. From the Journal:

The breakdown on the lightly regulated market for stocks of companies too small, sparsely traded or troubled to be listed on the major markets came on a major news day for two of the market’s most closely watched stocks, the government-backed mortgage investors Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

OTC Markets’ outage was unrelated to the reports and was “purely a connectivity issue,” said a spokeswoman for the company. She said officials at the marketplace didn’t know when it would be able to reopen.

Another day, another trading glitch. Back in August, the Nasdaq froze trading for three hours thanks to a system bug. Last week, the exchange had to halt options trading after a tech issue.

Read the full report at the Wall Street Journal »

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