We looked inside the $200,000 Oscar swag bag, and it's as bizarre as it sounds

The biggest stars at the Oscars also get the biggest freebies.

At the 2016 Academy Awards Sunday night, the acting and directing nominees alone will each receive a gift bag worth over $200,000.

If you think that’s stunning, check what’s in it: a procedure known as the “vampire breast lift,” a vaporizer (which should delight Leonardo DiCaprio), and very expensive toilet paper.

It should also be said that because of the size of the items, the recipients would have to pay thousands in taxes if they enjoy them (they could also donate them to charity).

Distinctive Assets, the company that puts together the gift bags, known as “Everyone Wins” prizes, sent Business Insider a sampling of what the nominees will find in their bags.

Here’s a close-up look at what we saw:

The most curious item is the gift certificate for a 'vampire breast lift' worth $1,900. Dr. Charles Runels will use your own blood to, supposedly, rejuvenate your breasts and stimulate cleavage by placing the plasma from the blood directly on the skin.

Courtney Verrill/Business Insider

These could prove useful for the nominees right away, especially if they make it up to the podium: Dandi patches ($21) that absorb your underarm sweat to keep you looking dry.

Courtney Verrill/Business Insider

Don't worry, these aren't just any M&M's. These $300 Personalised My M&M's come with messages on the chocolates reminding you that you are an Oscar nominee with every bite.

Courtney Verrill/Business Insider

These toiletries from Joseph's include toilet paper that retails for $275 a pack, endorsed by none other than Gwyneth Paltrow herself.

Courtney Verrill/Business Insider

Here's what the actual toilet paper looks like. Is it worth $275? We didn't get a chance to actually try it, but we'll leave it up to you.


Here's the vaporizer from Haze, which retails for $249.99. DiCaprio might get in trouble if he tries to use it inside, though: The Oscars banned vaping in the ceremony.

Courtney Verrill/Business Insider

Here's just some of the lifetime supply of Lizora's tea skin cream you get (for a value of $31,200). It smells surprisingly good.

Courtney Verrill/Business Insider

They may not look so glamorous, but maple syrup and maple-based dressings from Rouge ($99) come with a bonus...

Courtney Verrill/Business Insider

...Congratulations, with your syrup, you've also just adopted a Canadian maple tree for life.

Courtney Verrill/Business Insider

There's a nice charity element to the swag bag: 10,000 bowls of pet food donated to the shelter of your choosing.

Courtney Verrill/Business Insider

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