Oscars Snag Another Movie Ad—From Disney


An interesting tidbit from tomorrow’s NY Times story about the Oscars’ struggle to sell ads (have you heard?) is that the show managed to score another movie ad. It’s for Disney’s The Proposal, starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Disney’s already planning to run a commercial for Pixar’s Up, so, it seems the Oscars, much like the Super Bowl, are using in-house promotion to fill those remaining ad spots, basically giving them away for free, by selling them to their corporate cousins.*

Furthermore, since the trailer for The Proposal‘s already out, we doubt it cost much for Disney to cobble this into a commercial.

Can’t wait until Sunday? Here’s the trailer:


*The Times article didn’t mention the Up ad, so it’s possible Disney just bought one commercial and was either originally going with Up and subbed in The Proposal or the Times mis-identified the movie Disney would be promoting.