4 great movies that have already been snubbed by the Oscars

A24Elsie Fisher as Kayla in ‘Eighth Grade.’
  • The Academy released its shortlist for nominees in nine Oscar categories, and some of the best movies of the year were already snubbed.
  • “Annihilation” is on the shortlist for best original score, but didn’t make it on the list for best visual effects, even though it had some of the most stunning effects in years.
  • Although the shortlists are not in major categories, these lists give us an idea of what films could be completely snubbed when the nominations arrive on January 22.

Oscar nominations don’t arrive until January 22, but we have an idea what could get nominated, and what will get snubbed.

The Academy announced Tuesday its Oscars shortlist of semi-finalists in nine separate categories including best visual effects, best original song, best original score, best foreign film, and best documentary feature. Then Academy voters will choose who gets nominated for the Oscar from this set of semi-finalists.

Even though none of the categories on this shortlist are in major categories, there are still some surprising snubs that we can’t help but complain about, because they give us a hint as to what the nominations in the bigger categories will look like.

Films with some of the most stunning visual effects in 2018 including “Paddington 2” and “Annihilation” are not semifinalists in the category. “Eighth Grade,” which has one of the most unique soundtracks in years, hasn’t been placed on the shortlist in the best original score category though it’s more deserving than some scores that did make it, like “Avengers: Infinity War.”

“Paddington 2”

Paddington 2Warner BrosHugh grant deserves a nomination for best supporting actor.

The most charming, colourful film of 2018 didn’t make the shortlist in any of the nine categories announced by the Academy. And that’s not promising considering many people are hoping Hugh Grant, who played the villain Phoenix Buchanan in what is definitely the best performance of his astounding career, gets nominated for best supporting actor. Fans of the Peruvian bear were hoping the film would at least make it into the visual effects category since Paddington is so well animated, but maybe Paddington is so well animated that the Academy thinks he is a real bear?

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Annihilation movie shimmer scienceParamountThe scientists enter the ‘shimmer,’ a zone where no one has escaped.

“Annihilation” somehow made the Oscars shortlist for best original soundtrack, but not best visual effects. The “shimmer,” seen above, is just an early example of the incredible visual effects in “Annihilation,” one of the best films of the year that’s getting overshadowed due to its quiet February release. The effects are essential to the film’s imaginative story that will stick with you for days, weeks, or months after you see it. It’s truly insulting that this didn’t make it into its most deserved category, because it had a chance at winning.

“Eighth Grade”

Eighth gradeLinda Kallerus, courtesy of A24‘Eighth Grade’ would not have worked without its powerful soundtrack.

“Eighth Grade” didn’t make it onto the shortlist for best original score, though it deserved it more than others in the category like “Avengers: Infinity War,” “Ready Player One,” and “Vice.” The electronic score by Anna Meredith is one of the most original in years. It captures the feeling of the main character and the anxiety director Bo Burnham is trying to capture on screen. At the same time, it’s also really fun to listen to and move the story forward in ways no other soundtrack in 2018 did. We’re hoping this snub doesn’t lead to even more snubs for this amazing movie, but we’re not too confident.

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“The Cakemaker”

Films Boutique IsraelFilms Boutique‘The Cakemaker’ has a 98% score with critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

This Israeli film didn’t make it onto the shortlist in the best foreign category. And while no movie really stands a chance against Alfonso Cuarón’s “Roma,” this one at least deserved a nomination. It tells the story of German baker Thomas, who has an affair with a married Israeli man named Oren, who dies. Thomas travels to Jerusalem to find out more about Oren and his death, and ends up working for Oren’s wife at her bakery.

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