27 celebrity reactions to the biggest Oscar mistake in history

Moonlight winning best pictureABCThe historic moment.

The INSIDER Summary:

• “Moonlight” won best picture at the Oscars after Faye Dunaway already announced “La La Land” won.
• When “Moonlight” was announced as the real winner, the audience was shocked.
• Celebrities reacted both in the Dolby theatre and on Twitter.

Sunday night’s shocking mix-up in announcing the winner of 2017’s best picture Academy Award is the biggest mistake in Oscar history. Faye Dunaway, along with Warren Beatty, announced that “La La Land” won best picture. In reality, “Moonlight” won, as “La La Land” producer Jordan Horowitz announced in the middle of his would-be Oscar-winning speech.

The reactions were tremendous. Here are 29 celebrity reactions in the Dolby Theatre during the ceremony, and on Twitter.

1. When the real winner was announced, the entire audience stood up to applaud.

2. Barry Jenkins, who directed “Moonlight,” was visibly shocked. He respected how Horowitz handled the situation.

3. This photo of the front-row audience captures how chaotic the moment was.

Photo: Getty Images.

4. Ryan Gosling, on stage with the “La La Land” crew, was laughing in astonishment.

“Well how about that?” seems to be his reaction.

5. Busy Philipps, Michelle Williams’s Oscar date, couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

6. The Rock, who correctly made an announcement onstage earlier in the telecast, was delighted.

7. Viola Davis, who won the Oscar for supporting actress for her role in “Fences,” shouted in joy.

8. Her “Fences” director and co-star Denzel Washington had a tight smile on his face.

9. Matt Damon let out an applause whistle.

10. Taraji P. Henson, who starred in “Hidden Figures,” was slack-jawed with disbelief.

11. The Oscar camera caught Nicole Kidman somewhere between shock and a smile.

12. Octavia Spencer was about to cry with happiness.

13. Dev Patel and his mother were really happy for the “Moonlight” crew.

14. And Ruth Negga, nominated for best actress in “Loving,” was savouring the moment.

15. On Twitter, Jessica Chastain wrote that she was happy “Moonlight” won after all.

16. Katy Perry won her bet. 

17. Andy Cohen was shocked.

18. “Silicon Valley” actor Kumail Nanjiani was impressed by how gracefully the “La La Land” folks handled it.

19. B.J. Novak is upset that Casey Affleck won the best actor prize for “Manchester by the Sea.”

20. Billy Eichner hoped that wasn’t the only mistake they made.


21. Chloë Grace Moretz says what we’re all thinking.

22. Bette Midler felt bad for all the people who turned off their TVs early.

23. Shonda Rhimes was pleasantly surprised.

24. Oprah Winfrey was happy her favourite film won.

25. Gabrielle Union was dazed by the surprise win.

26. Elizabeth Banks knows a good twist ending when she sees one.

27. The last shot of the Oscar telecast was of everyone in the auditorium, standing and cheering in disbelief.

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