'Cats' stars James Corden and Rebel Wilson poked fun at the movie's widely-panned visual effects at the Oscars

Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesJames Corden and Rebel Wilson mocked their movie ‘Cats.’
  • James Corden and Rebel Wilson poked fun at their movie “Cats” as they presented the Oscar for best visual effects feature.
  • The comedic duo got audiences in hysterics as they walked across the stage in full costume and then proceeded to lick and play around with the microphone after reading the nominees.
  • “As cast members of the motion picture ‘Cats,’ nobody more than us understands the importance of good visual effects,” Corden and Wilson said on Sunday night.
  • “Cats” was widely panned by critics and mocked by the audience for it’s creepy special effects.
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James Corden and Rebel Wilson ironically presented the Oscar for best visual effects while wearing costumes inspired by their movie,“Cats.”

Audience members laughed as Corden and Wilson walked across the stage looking just like their CGI “Cats” characters from head to paw.

The duo mocked their 2019 movie based on the much-loved Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, which Insider’s Libby Torres called “an unmitigated disaster and gigantic waste of time” in her review.

James corden rebel wilsonKevin Winter/Getty ImagesCorden and Wilson batted at the microphone.

“As cast members of the motion picture ‘Cats,’ nobody more than us understands the importance of good visual effects,” Wilson and Corden said together.

After naming the award nominees, the pair batted around the microphone like cats would as cameras panned across the laughing faces of Margot Robbie, Charlize Theron, Olivia Colman, Florence Pugh, Renée Zellweger, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Antonio Banderas and Bradley Cooper.

Reactions to cats oscarsABCOlivia Coman, Margot Robbie and Charlize Theron were in hysterics over Wilson and Corden’s comedic performance.

The Oscar for best visual effects went to Sam Mendes’ war epic “1917,” as predicted by Insider’s Jacob Sarkisian.

However, Corden and Wilson’s comedic performance was a direct reference to the backlash and teasing of “Cats'” use of CGI which saw people on Twitter freak out about the movie’s bizarrely human-like characters even before it came out.

The overwhelming response also spurred the director Tom Hooper to make some adjustments to the movie’s visual effects.

Cats movie 2Universal Pictures‘Cats’ flopped at the box office.

Back on December 24, Corden joked on “The Late Late Show” that he hadn’t watched the movie he starred in as he “heard it’s terrible” – despite its release almost 10 days prior.

The movie, which cost $US95 million to make, flopped at the US box office, making just $US6 million on its opening weekend.

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