Chris Evans jumped up to help Regina King to the stage after she won the Oscar for best supporting actress, and it melted viewers' hearts

ABCChris Evans helps Regina King to the stage.
  • Regina King won for best supporting actress at the 2019 Oscars Sunday night at LA’s Dolby Theatre.
  • As she stood up to accept her award, her dress appeared to get caught.
  • Chris Evans, who was seated next to the actress, gave her his arm and escorted her to the stage.

Chris Evans melted hearts when he jumped up to help Oscar winner Regina King to the stage Sunday.

When King, 48, stood up to accept the supporting actress Oscar for “If Beale Street Could Talk” at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, it looked like her dress got caught. Evans, 37, who was seated next to the actress and her mother, swiftly gave her his arm and helped her to the stage so she wouldn’t trip.

She thanked the actor as he led her down the aisle.

Fans loved the moment and King’s win.^tfw^tfw

People compared Evans to his Captain America character.

This wasn’t the first time the “Avengers” actor helped someone to a stage. In 2015, Evans escorted Betty White to the stage at the People’s Choice Awards.

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