This Oscar-nominated director's dress made a huge statement against Trump's immigration ban

The INSIDER Summary:

• Ava DuVernay is a director whose documentary, “13th,” was nominated at the Oscars.
• She chose to wear a gown by a designer from a majority-Muslim country.
• DuVernay called this choice “a small sign of solidarity.”

The red carpet for the 89th Annual Academy Awards was full of incredible gowns and impeccable tuxedos, but Ava DuVernay took her dress choice an extra step further. The director of Oscar-nominated documentary “13th” was dressed in a stunning silver gown, and revealed on Twitter that her fashion choice was also a statement of support for Muslims.

“A small sign of solidarity,” DuVernay wrote. “I chose to wear a gown by a designer from a majority-Muslim country. Thanks to [Ashi Studio] of Lebanon.”

Here’s the full look:

DuVernay was directing her solidarity at the seven majority-Muslim countries targeted by President Trump’s now-rescinded executive order concerning immigration and refugees.

Ashi Studio is no stranger to red carpet designs. The group also designed a gown worn by actress and singer Janelle Monae at the 48th Annual NAACP Image Awards.

DuVernay’s documentary “13th” explores mass incarceration and the intersection of race and justice in the US prison system. She also directed “Selma,” which was nominated for best picture in 2015, making DuVernay the first black woman to direct an Oscar-nominated movie.

“13th” wound up losing the Oscar to “OJ: Made in America” on Sunday night. You can stream “13th” now on Netflix.

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