We tried Oscar Mayer's 'Ice Dog Sandwich,' which packs hot dog and mustard ice cream between two cookie buns

Meredith Cash/INSIDERWe tried Oscar Mayer’s Ice Dog Sandwich.
  • Oscar Mayer has created hot dog-flavored ice cream for its new “Ice Dog Sandwich.”
  • The sweet and savoury treat combines sweet cream ice cream infused with hot dog and real bits of candied Oscar Mayer wiener with spicy mustard gelato and a cookie hot dog bun.
  • The INSIDER food team tried the unorthodox summer treat on Wednesday, but had mixed reviews when it came to trying out our favourite BBQ snack in dessert form.
  • The spicy Dijon mustard gelato was extremely pungent and overpowered the sandwich, but did taste exactly like the real thing.
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Ice cream and hot dogs are two staples of the summer palate, so Oscar Mayer decided to put them both together to create an extremely unconventional treat: the “Ice Dog Sandwich.”

The beloved hot dog brand teamed up with New York City-based handmadeice cream company il laboratorio del gelato to create the Ice Dog Sandwich, which combines spicy Dijon mustard gelato with sweet cream ice cream infused with hot dog and real bits of candied Oscar Mayer wiener.

The two different ice cream flavours are then sandwiched between two cookie “buns.”

Ice Dog Sandwich FlavoursOscar MayerThe Ice Dog is made of hot dog ice cream with candied wiener bits, spicy Dijon gelato, and a cookie bun.

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We tried the quirky summer treat at INSIDER’s office on Wednesday morning and had mixed reviews when it came to trying out our favourite BBQ snack in dessert form.

Ice dog sandwichMeredith Cash/INSIDERThe Ice Dog Sandwich.

The lemon cookies were the only part of the sandwich that Ian enjoyed eating, but they had a bit of a cold, slimey film that he found off-putting. Neither ice cream flavour appealed to his palette.

Meredith enjoyed her Wednesday morning breakfast more than Ian did, but wouldn’t say she was thrilled with the Oscar Mayer / il laboratorio del gelato collaboration. The spicy dijon gelato was overwhelmingly pungent but truly tasted like the popular condiment. The unique flavour may be up your alley if you absolutely adore mustard.

Conversely, she found the hot dog sweet cream to be rather bland overall, while the candied hot dog bits were vaguely reminiscent of teriyaki-flavored beef jerky. A crispy cookie shell would have done a lot to elevate the sandwich, but in actuality the lemon cookie buns were soft and moist.

TasteMeredith Cash/INSIDERMeredith and Ian pondering.

Our editor Anneta, however, enjoyed the hot dog sweet cream ice cream and was pleasantly surprised by how well it combined strong sweet and savoury flavours in one bite. Like Ian and Meredith, she found the mustard gelato to be far too sharp for her taste – but was amazed at how it tasted exactly like Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard.

Representatives for Oscar Mayer told us that the brand has no immediate plans to sell the Ice Dog Sandwich in stores. Still, interest in the Ice Dog Sandwich was so high that Oscar Mayer was forced to close its direct messages on Twitter and fans still have a chance to win a box of Ice Dog Sandwiches.

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