There's now a dating app for people who love bacon, and it's hilariously real

There’s already a Tinder for everything, and now there’s one for bacon lovers.

In a hilarious marketing stunt, Oscar Mayer has created a new dating app called Sizzl that’s designed for lovers of the cured pork belly slices.

It’s also real and downloadable for free on Android and iPhone.

Instead of asking your standard dating questions, you fill out your profile about how you like your bacon (Chewy, crispy, or burnt) and what you would do if there was one piece of bacon left on the table (obviously eat it, but I guess some people might share).

There’s also the normal questions about gender, age, and so on, but that’s not really the point when you’re looking for a bacon match. If someone messages you on the app and says they actually don’t like bacon, then you can report them, according to Oscar Mayer

We’re not sure why you couldn’t profess your love for bacon in a normal Tinder exchange, but if you’re that passionate about bacon, you have found your app in the dating world.

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