Meet The American Author Who Says That Osama Bin Laden Was Good In Bed

jean sasson

The American author Jean Sasson hasn’t released a new book in nearly two years, but she’s piping up about the lives of Osama bin Laden‘s family — and today, The New York Times was listening.

Sasson — who defines herself on her own website as “a voice for Middle Eastern women” — met bin Laden’s family when his son, Omar, emailed her through her website in 2008.

Since then, she’s become something of a confidante to Omar and one of bin Laden’s wives, Najwa.

Najwa reportedly told Sasson that bin Laden had a treasure chest of aphrodisiacs and that her favourite time spent with him was — as she demurely put it — “the sleeping time.”

(This, we guess, explains his porno collection.)

For his part, Omar has mainly defended his father to Sasson in their talks — but also admitted that bin Laden would test his family by occasionally abandoning them in the desert and having them dig holes to keep warm in.

If you’re wondering why the bin Laden clan would turn to Sasson with these intimate details, it’s because she’s been chronicling boldface names of the Arab world for decades.

Sasson, who moved to Saudi Arabia to work in a royal hospital in the 1980s, got her break in writing when she met the country’s Princess Sultana.

The princess, an unusually Western-thinking figure at the time, opened up to Sasson for a series of books — and the author has been specializing in chronicling the culture ever since.

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