Here’s Al Qaeda Magazine’s Version Of The ‘Heroic’ Battle Bin Laden Fought With SEAL Team Six

Osama Bin Laden

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The killing of Osama bin Laden was an incredible story, capturing the attention of American and creating national heroes out of SEAL Team Six.But is the story told by the United States government the correct one?

Probably, but Inspire – the English-language propaganda magazine that aims to recruit American Muslims – offers a different tale about the al Qaeda leader’s demise

According to ABC News:

He confronted them, his weapons against theirs with his, and his strength against theirs, and he accepted the challenge of those who came out with their fancy equipment, machinery, weapons, aircrafts and troops, all haughty and pompous. His determination did not weaken in front of them, nor was he sapped of strength. Rather, he stood and confronted them face to face like a firm mountain, and continued to engage them in a fierce battle… after which he excused himself and fulfilled the trust, receiving bullets of treachery and infidelity.

Ironically, this narrative – if true (doubtful, at best) – would benefit both bin Laden (who would look tough) and Barack Obama, whose SEALs took flack for shooting an unarmed man.

The sixth issue of Inspire also includes instructions on shooting AK-47s and making Acetone Peroxide explosives.