Here's Your First Look At Yosemite, Apple's New Operating System For Macs

Today is Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, in which it shows off the latest and greatest of what the company’s been working on.

The newest software for your Mac desktops and laptops will be called OS X Yosemite, taking its name (just as its predecessor Mavericks did) from “beautiful places in California.”

There’s a lot of new stuff to get through, so let’s get started.

Craig Federighi, Apple's SVP of Software Engineering, took the wraps off of OS X Yosemite on stage at WWDC.

He spent the first few minutes talking about its redesigned interface. Windows are now semi-transparent, and it really makes the screen pop against a cool background.

There's a 'dark mode' that can make the interface less bright for those who'd rather not be distracted by it.

'Isn't that a beautiful trashcan?' said Federighi. 'You wouldn't believe how long we spent on that trashcan.'

First up is Notification Center, which got a few upgrades.

Notification Center now has a 'today' view, which shows you calendar items, reminders, and even weather.

It even has a place for clocks, stocks, and third-party widgets.

You of course have the same access to your usual notifications.

Next up is Spotlight, which got a face-lift and learned some new tricks at the same time.

This is what it looks like now! Clicking on the magnifying glass opens a small box on your desktop instead of revealing a menu bar item.

Searching inside of Spotlight still queries your files on your hard disk or in iCloud, but...

...searching for people will reveal their contact information, as well as your past conversations with them.

Here's what the calendar looks like.

Spotlight can now do handy conversions, such as this miles-to-kilometers example.

It will find nearby food, even offering you pictures and review data via Yelp.

Want to see a movie? Not only will it take you to a movie's Wikipedia page, but it will also set you up to stream it from iTunes.

A feature called Mail Drop makes it a snap to send huge files via email.

This is perfect for sending a video file, let's say, that can't be delivered to a friend because it's too big.

If they have got a Mac, Apple takes care of the behind the scenes trickery and delivers it anyway. If the recipient uses a third-party email service, they will get an email directing them on how to download their file.

Markup is an awesome new feature that lets you draw on, customise, and otherwise 'mark up' your emails.

This means you can customise pictures and PDFs -- insert your signature for official documents.

Markup is smart enough to recognise your rudimentary drawings of arrows and speech bubbles. When it detects your drawing them by hand, it will automatically replace them with much cleaner versions of the same things.

The Safari web browser got a minimalist makeover. Its toolbar is quite bare until you click inside the search bar. It presents you with your favourite sites and invites you to search or type in a URL.

Tab browsers take note -- Safari has a new bird's-eye tab view to make it easier than ever to find exactly the page you're looking for.

Now how about getting our Macs and iPhones to play along more nicely? Apple clearly spent a lot of time on a feature it calls 'Continuity,' which aims to do just that.

The gist is straightforward -- work on something on your Mac and switch over to a mobile device, exactly where you left off.

Any time your iPhone appears in the dock, that means your Mac is ready to pick up where you left off on your phone or pass off its current task to your phone.

This is even true for phone calls. You can now answer your ringing iPhone on your Mac and use it as a speakerphone without ever touching your mobile device.

If you're browsing a site and find a phone number you want to call, you can do so with the click of your mouse.

OS X Yosemite also supports standard SMS text messages across devices. Federighi calls them 'our green-bubble friends.'

They conclude the demo with a 'welcome aboard' phone call to one of Apple's newest employees: Dr. Dre.

This is hardly the only new stuff introduced today

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