Oprah Called James Frey After Eviscerating Him On Television Because She Was Worried He Would Relapse

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In the second part of her emotional interview with James Frey, Oprah Winfrey admitted she reached out to the author the day after taking him down on her show.

“I called you because I was worried about you relapsing,” she said. “Did you ever?

“No,” he responded. “I wasn’t going to let that newspaper article be written, that James Frey relapsed.”

Later on in the interview, Frey explained why he did not watch the tape of the show after it was over.

“Never, never seen it. I think of it as a personal car crash. It was definitely not my finest day,” he said. “I knew that what happened was my fault. I knew that I created this situation and if I had to bear the responsibility, I would do it.”

Winfrey had also never seen the tape until the night before her final interview with the author. .

“I too didn’t watch the show,” she said.