This app will add your favourite Instagrams to a pair of $600 swim shorts

Orlebar BrownFacebook/Orlebar BrownOrlebar Brown printed swim trunks.

Personalisation isn’t just stitching your initials on a towel anymore. Now, it’s all about your Instagram photos.

Luxury swimwear company Orlebar Brown made a splash in 2007 when they launched their line of $200-$300 swim shorts. They were as much about style as they were for swimming in, with fun patterns and a tailored look.

They’re now taking it up a notch, letting guys put their Instas where their shorts are with a special line called “Snapshorts”.

You can basically design your own print with any picture you desire, whether it’s your favourite beachy snapshot of St. Barth’s, or just a neat mosaic pattern you saw in the Mediterranean.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download the new #Snapshorts app from Orlebar.
  • Choose your desired image or take a new one.
  • Preview your shorts, editing and rotating the image on the short’s silhouette to get it to your liking.
  • Chose your length. Orlebar shorts come in long “Dane II”, medium “Bulldog”, short “Setter”, and even shorter “Springer”.

The app promises delivery of the custom shorts in 3 weeks. At $595, they will be significantly more expensive than Orlebar’s other printed swim trunks. 

But hey, no one said going custom would be cheap. 

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