This Original Spider-Man Cover Is Now The Most Expensive Piece Of Comic Art In History

Move aside Batman, Spidey has swung in to break the record for the most expensive comic art sale.

Cover art from “Amazing Spider-Man” no. 328 from 1990 sold for $675,250 at auction, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Previously, a page from issue no. 3 of the 1986 “The Dark Knight Rises” held the record at $448,125.

The cover, created by Todd McFarlane, features Spider-Man smashing the Hulk asking “Now who’s the strongest one there is?” 

The cool bit from this cover is that the McFarlane made the blow affect the placement of the cover elements, including the comic title and label across the top. 

Photo: Marvel

Here’s what the comic looks like in full colour: 

Photo: Marvel

McFarlane’s Spider-Man no. 1 also sold for a hefty sum of $358,500. Many thought this issue, not the former would have sold for the bigger sum. 

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