Oreo Used Vine To Recreate The Classic Blood Elevator Scene From 'The Shining'

For its take on the classic Stanley Kubrick film “The Shining,” Oreo replaced a deluge of blood with a much more appropriate flood of milk in its Vine recreation of this iconic scene. Here’s “The Spilling”:

Oreo has developed a reputation for pop-culture themed ads that are effective due to their timeliness and simplicity, like the tweet it made on the spot during the Super Bowl power outage, or its Daily Twist campaign that put the brand’s spin on current events with a different Oreo-inspired design every day for a year.

For Halloween, Oreo has been releasing Vines based on classic Halloween films, a tactic Tide detergent also employed this year.

New York agency 360i developed the ads for Oreo, which is owned by Mondel─ôz International.

Here’s one spoofing the shocking head-spin scene from “The Exorcist”:

Oreo also paid homage to “Alien” and “Night of the Living Dead.”

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