OREO: How The Best-Selling Cookie In The World Is Made

Nabisco’s Oreo, the world’s top-selling cookie, celebrates its 100th birthday today. In honour of the iconic chocolate wafer’s anniversary, the Kraft Factory in Montreal, Canada allowed journalists to take a tour of the 30,000-square-foot-plant — where more than 1 billion Oreo cookies are produced each year — for the first time.  

Sidhartha Banerjee of The Canadian Press got the inside scoop on how the popular sandwich cookie is made:

Step 1: Granulated sugar, flour, cocoa, water and other ingredients are blended together in a 2,000-pound tub. The batter is then thickened into a dough.  

Oreo Mixed

Photo: CTV News Montreal

Step 2: The dough is then pressed onto a moulding machine. The machine shapes the dough into a cookie wafer while pressing the iconic Oreo emboss and brand name onto them. 

Oreo Emboos

Photo: CTV News Montreal

Step 3: The cookies are then baked in an 85-meter-long industrial oven. A fans cools the wafer before being flipped and readied for the creme filling.  

Oreo cookie

Photo: CTV News Montreal

Step 4: The sugary creme, which is mixed together in a 795-pound tub, is dropped onto the plain side of the wafers. 

Oreo Creme

Photo: CTV News Montreal

Step 5:  The cookies are sandwiched together before being packed into plastic trays and packaged. The entire cookie-making process takes about 90 minutes, churning out 3,000 cookies every minute. Oreo cookies generate $1.5 billion in global annual revenues.   

Oreo Belt 2

Photo: CTV News Montreal

Oreo Belt

Photo: CTV News Montreal

Oreo Packing

Photo: CTV News Montreal

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