Canada's 'Crookie' Is Touted As An Opponent To The Cronut

Clafouti CrookieThe Crookie at Clafouti Patisserie et Café

The first formidable opponent to the Cronut has risen out of Canada: The Crookie.

The Cronut, you may recall, combined the flaky texture of a croissant with the crunch and shape of a doughnut

Now comes the Crookie, which pairs a croissant with an Oreo cookie.

It was invented by Clafouti Patisserie & Cafe in Toronto after local blog The Grid asked local bakeries to come up with inventive hybrid desserts.

The Grid described the concoction as “Part classy French pastry, part trashy American junk food.”

Clafouti owner Olivier Jansen-Reynaud told The Grid he chose the Oreo because it is one of his favourite snack foods. 

“We tried several shapes and sizes, and had to be careful combining the different textures and letting the dough rise slowly so the cookies’ cream would not ooze out,” he said.

The Grid called the Crookie “delicious” and ABC News reported the café is fielding calls from customers asking to reserve the pastries, and for large orders on the weekend.

Clafouti is selling about a dozen Crookies per day and demand is reportedly on the rise.

Meanwhile, people are continuing to line up for New York City’s cronut. 

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