O'REILLY: The Media Is Overblowing The Nuclear Threat In Japan

oreilly japan

Jumping on the Glenn Beck wagon last night, Bill O’Reilly declared the worldwide media is hyping the nuclear situation in Japan “a bit too much.”

“But the truth is no one knows how bad that is, but that doesn’t stop the hype.”

The truth is nothing stops the U.S. media hype…about anything.

That said, one suspects in this case it has less to do with the media hyping something than that no one actually knows what is going on. 

The result is some schizophrenic headlines and a cable TV news cycle that has no idea whether or not to go into overdrive (that Fox News is preaching against hype suggests we are in unknown territory).  Also, M&M’s.

Meanwhile, the NYT appears to have the most reliable and up-to-date reporting on the situation, which marks somewhat of a change for those of us accustomed to seeing news on Twitter first.

Video below.


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