University Of Oregon Students’ Viral Anti-Rape Video Wins Peabody Award

Two University of Oregon students recieved some seriously unexpected news yesterday — their viral anti-rape YouTube video had won a Peabody Award, which recognises standout electronic media.

Samantha Stendal — an OU junior — and Aaron Blanton — a recent graduate — won the prestigious award for their 25-second YouTube video “A Needed Response.” The video was created as a student project responding to the rape of a 16-year-old girl in Steubenville, Ohio, and has over 3 million views since it was uploaded last year.

“To the Steubenville rapists…or any rapists out there,” reads the video’s description.

You can watch their winning video below:

According to student newspaper The Daily Emerald, Blanton first found out about the award when he recieved a personal call from the president of the Peabodys Wednesday morning.

“Honestly I’m just kind of bewildered. It’s a complete surprise. I had no anticipation of winning,” Blanton told The Emerald. “He said, ‘We’ve never had a video like this before.”

Here’s how the Peabody’s website describes the video:

Short, simple and spot-on in its critique of rape culture, the ingenious PSA by two University of Oregon students takes just 25 seconds to make its point that real men treat women with respect.

“A Needed Response” is the only viral video to win a Peabody this year, and is part of a class that includes “House of Cards,” “Orange Is the New Black,” and “Breaking Bad.”