neighbourhood Forms ‘Glock Block’ As Alternative To ‘neighbourhood Watch’

Glock Block Oregon
neighbours have signs with guns on them to ward off home intruders.

Residents of a Portland suburb are taking the concept of a neighbourhood watch further than most. 

The Milwaukie, Ore. neighbourhood has a “Glock Block” with signs saying “We Don’t Call 911,” Portland CBS affiliate reports.

Residents formed the group out of frustration with the county sheriff, thinking a simple neighbourhood watch group would be insufficient.

Most people who live in the neighbourhood have concealed carry permits, local resident Coy Tolonen KOIN. Neighborly chit-chat often includes talk of guns and where the best gun stores are.

Tolonen told news station KPTV: “They tell you, ‘Oh, flee. Well, a lot of times you can’t flee. And why should you flee? It’s your home.”

Oregon is one of 21 states with a “Stand Your Ground” law that allows people to use deadly force if they feel threatened. Oregon’s law says:

A person is not justified in using deadly physical force upon another person unless the person reasonably believes that the other person is:

(1) Committing or attempting to commit a felony involving the use or threatened imminent use of physical force against a person; or

(2) Committing or attempting to commit a burglary in a dwelling; or

(3) Using or about to use unlawful deadly physical force against a person.

So, under this law, an Oregon resident could justifiably shoot a home invader. “Stand Your Ground” laws were the subject of much discussion after the shooting death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, a neighbourhood watch member.

Police in Clackamas County, where Milwaukie is located, don’t seem to like the idea of a “Glock Block.” They encourage residents to work with a “crime prevention specialist,” officers told KOIN.

Officers warn that intruders could disarm a homeowner or use their weapon against them.