Orders for 3D printed jaws have started to flow in after Australian first surgery

The 3D printed jaw inserted in a Melbourne man. Image: 3D Medical Limited

3D Medical Limited, which created a titanium jaw for a Melbourne man in an Australian-first surgery, has signed a deal to create another 25 over the next 12 months.

The company, which listed on the ASX in February, raising $4 million to develop 3D printing for medical applications, says the deal is with a leading health industry specialist in prosthetic treatment of jaw disorders.

Chairman Nigel Finch told Business Insider the agreement included a confidentiality clause on the name of the client and the price paid.

“We’ve only been listed for four months and already doing this one jaw has validated out entire business model because we’ve had to deal with the health insurers, the hospitals, with the surgical teams,” Finch says.

“We gone through the end-to-end process of the production of the implant and the successful outcome and what we know is that it works on the implant side,” Finch says.

“Now we’ve just taken an order for 25 more implants. This is what we’ll continue to see, a growth in implants.”

A 32-year-old man, psychologist Richard Stratton, had a jaw defect successfully fixed in a five hour operation at the Epworth Freemasons Hospital in East Melbourne.

The deformity had left the man with a skewed lower face and limited jaw opening.

3D Medical shares are up 4% to $0.12.

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