Now You Can Order The Latest Beauty Trend Straight From A Menu

drybarThe scene inside Drybar.

Photo: Drybar

I’ll take a Mai Thai and a Marquee, please.Scoring the latest beauty trend at boutique salons in New York City and California is now as easy as remembering your favourite drink order.

Beauty salons are over-simplifying their services to help non-trendy patrons get a cool look without the fuss, often having them flip through a few pages of photos and having them pick a style they like, according to The New York Times.

Beauty has never been so simple.

If you wanted to order that Mai Thai (soft curls), head to Drybar, the originator of the menu idea. As for the Marquee look, head to Gotham Beauty Lounge near Bryant Park in New York, to get your camera-ready makeup done.

While hairstylists are not robots, if you order something off the menu you’re bound to get pretty predictable results each time.

Predictability is pricey, however. At Drybar expect to drop $35 to 45 on a style, but hair and makeup appointments with VĂȘnsette will cost between $250 and $325, depending on the time of day of your appointment.

New York Times reporter Lauren Lipton noticed while at Drybar everyone was having what she was having—the Mai Thai.

So women are paying a hefty price, for a predictable style that makes everyone look exactly the same.

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