Oracle Exec Slams Sun Hardware, Saying ‘We Bought A Dog’

mark hurd
Some people at Oracle aren’t Mark Hurd fans, according to internal messages.

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It’s Hewlett-Packard’s turn to show off a bunch of juicy emails. They show Oracle executives badmouthing Sun hardware.HP and Oracle are like the enterprise technology world’s Hatfields and McCoys. They’ve been suing each other over Oracle’s decision to stop making software for HP’s expensive Itanium servers. And they’ve been using the court of public opinion to make their case.

Last week, Oracle wrote a public letter to HP customers and included a bunch of emails trying to show how HP lied to them about how long Itanium would be around.

So turnaround is fair play.  Arik Hesseldahl of AllThingsD posted a cache of emails on Scribd, a document-sharing site of e-mails admitted as testimony in the case. In them, Oracle executives have allegedly been caught saying nasty things about Sun’s hardware.

In an archived IM exchange between Oracle executives identified as Keith Block (VP, North America sales and consulting) and Anje Dodson (Oracle’s VP of HR), Block says this about Sun hardware:

“We bought a dog. Mark wants us to sell the dog. … Nobody wants to sell Sun. … It baaaallllloooooooows.”

There’s also some interesting stuff about how the two decided the bonus of someone named Linda and stuff about hating Mark Hurd. (She seemed to get $33,000).

Here’s a snapshot:

HP Oracle IM messages

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After all of these emails on both sides, one thing is clear. There are no nice guys here—and neither HP nor Oracle seems to care that much about the customer. IBM should be eating this up!

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