Report: Oracle’s Top Sales Exec Keith Block Is Out

Keith Block
Keith Block

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Oracle is going to part ways Keith Block, head of North American sales, according to UBS analyst Brent Thill.Thill told Forbes about the Block news earlier today.

Block has been a controversial figure at Oracle. Employees blame him for an epically dysfunctional sales team, in which everyone is fighting over deals, undercutting each other, and irritating customers in the process.

Oracle sales folks are quitting in droves, multiple sources have told us.

Block also wound up in the hot seat for a bunch of instant messages and e-mails that are being used in Oracle’s trial with HP.  In them he bashed Sun Hardware and bashed No. 2 man, Mark Hurd, saying things like “We bought a dog. Mark wants us to sell the dog. … Nobody wants to sell Sun. … It baaaallllloooooooows.”

It’s pretty hard to say stuff like that and keep your job as top sales guy.   Oracle will make Block’s departure official on Thursday, says Thill. We’ll be reporting Oracle’s earnings live as they happen on Thursday, too.Don’t miss: ORACLE INSIDER: Mark Hurd Is Chasing Away Droves Of Oracle Salespeople

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