A Judge Thinks Google Failed To Reveal Which People It Paid That Wrote About Its Lawsuit With Oracle

Larry Ellison and Larry Page

Photo: AP

Two weeks ago, the judge in the Oracle/Google lawsuit over Android issued an unusual order and told both sides to acknowledge which bloggers they paid.The list came in, with Google claiming it didn’t pay any bloggers or journalists.

The judge isn’t buying it. Today, the judge issued another order, posted at the Verge, saying that “In the Court’s view, Google has failed to comply with the August 7 order.”

Essentially, the judge wants Google to provide a list of any “authors whose statements about the issues in the case might have been influenced by the receipt of money from Google or Oracle.”

That’s not just professional writers, but anyone. For instance, Oracle revealed that it had hired Florian Mueller, who bills himself as a consultant, not a blogger — though he’s well known for his blog about patents. By the way, Mueller insists that Oracle did not pay him to write favourably about the case or influence his opinions at all.

Perhaps Google was leaning on a stricter interpretation of the judge’s edict to avoid disclosing who it paid?

A Google spokesperson told BI that “We’ll comply with the order,” and pointed out that Google had already asked for clarification from the court in our filing on Friday.”

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