Oracle Beats!

Larry Ellison
Larry Ellison, speaking at OpenWorld 2012

[credit provider=”Julie Bort/Business Insider”]

Oracle earnings are out!Revenue came in at $9.1 billion versus $9.03 billion expected. EPS came in at $0.64 versus $0.61 expected.

The stock is trading higher after-hours, climbing 2.77%.

New software licenses and cloud software subscriptions revenues were up 17% to $2.4 billion.

Hardware systems products revenues were $734 million. Year over year, hardware revenue declined 23%.

Oracle execs repeatedly credited the company’s “highly profitable engineered systems segment” of its hardware busines for big margins. The company says that the growth of its software business, plus that part of its hardware business, lead to a non-GAAP operating margin of 47%.

This is Oracle’s second quarter of fiscal 2013. CEO Larry Ellison is promising that the company’s hardware business will be growing by the end of fiscal 2013.

“Sun has proven to be one of the most strategic and profitable acquisitions we have ever made,” he said. “I believe that products like Exadata and the SPARC SuperCluster will not only continue to drive improved profitability in our hardware business, by the end of this fiscal year, they will also drive growth in our hardware business.”