Oracle Crushes Earnings, Stock Up 3% After Hours

Larry Ellison

Photo: AP

Oracle has recovered from its tough quarter at the end of last year.It just posted non-GAAP earnings of $0.62 per share on revenue of $9.04 billion. (PDF of the press release is here.)

Analysts were expecting EPS of $0.56 on $9.02 billion in revenue.

The stock is up after hours — it’s been jumping around a little bit, but seems to have settled around +3%.

Oracle blew its earnings last quarter, sending its stock down 13% the next day, but since then the stock has more than recovered those losses.

Add another few points to that recovery.

Analyst Ross MacMillan at Jeffries & Company recently suggested in a note that Oracle’s all-in-one integrated hardware-software strategy isn’t working out as well as hoped, and said that competition from SAP could eventually peel between $0.05 and $0.10 off EPS.

Indeed, all of Oracle’s growth this quarter came from its longstanding software business, where revenues were up 8% from last year, to $6.43 billion. Revenue from hardware systems dropped 16%, and overall hardware revenue (including support) dropped 11%, to $1.5 billion.

But so far, it looks like Oracle’s core software business is doing well enough to keep the company flying.



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