Oracle Just Made A Deal To Gain More Access To The World's Biggest Media Companies

Oracle announced Sunday evening that it acquired Front Porch Digital, a company that provides content storage management solution to some of the largest media companies in the world. Oracle declined to disclose the exact terms of the deal.

Front Porch Digital makes it easier for big media companies to manage, archive, and monetise its large-scale media files. For example, its technology simplifies the process of storing and archiving content from old legacy video tapes, while making it easy to communicate with all the different vendors involved in the content creation process. Everything works in a high-secure environment, and its software is provided in both the cloud and on-premise.

Front Porch has over 550 customers worldwide, including some of the world’s leading content providers, such as the BBC, ABC, ESPN, and Discovery Communications. It manages over 750 petabytes of digital content, which would play out to roughly 1,250 years of content, if played continuously, according to its CEO Mike Knaisch.

“The combination of Oracle with Front Porch Digital is expected to create the most comprehensive enterprise-grade cloud and on-premise content storage management solution to help organisations efficiently manage the growing complexities associated with the migration, integration, storage, and delivery of rich media content,” Oracle said in a statement.

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