Optus is killing off Virgin Mobile – here’s what you need to know if you're a customer

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images for Virgin Mobile

Optus is calling time on the Virgin Mobile mobile brand, announcing last week that it will be phased out over the next two years.

Today the telco revealed the first steps in the shutdown, saying new connections to the network will cease on June 15, while all Virgin Mobile stores will close at the end of June this year.

If you’re an existing Virgin Mobile customer, there’s no need to panic because you do have until 2020, but if you’re currently on Virgin Mobile you will need to switch over to Optus or a new network.

Optus says it will be in touch with Virgin Mobile customers directly to explain what to do.

It’s planning to make early upgrade offers to some Virgin Mobile customers on post-paid plans, or if you’re off you long-term contract you’re free to shop around.

If you want to stick with Optus, then head to one of its retail stores for sales enquiries, replacement SIM cards and handset warranty claims or repairs.

If you’re on a pre-paid plan, then you’ll still be able to top up via the My Account website, most petrol stations, newsagents, convenience stores, post offices and Optus stores.

Virgin Mobile was founded in Australia in 2000, and six years later became an Optus subsidiary.

Yesterday Optus announced it was cutting 400 jobs, on top the 200 going from phasing out the Virgin Mobile brand.

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