Optus is offering the EPL for free in a new deal

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Optus has lowered the bar on access to the English Premier League, turning it into a loss leader in a bid to lure new customers over the next eight weeks.

Today the telco announced it would offer the first season of the EPL for free to customers who sign up before July 31.

Premier League subscriptions went on sale today for postpaid, SIM-only, mobile broadband, and home broadband plans.

The limited offer deals start at $30 a month for sim-only contracts — $55 less than the $85 threshold the Optus set for free subscriptions when it won the Australian rights to the EPL.

From August 1, anyone who signs up to plans under $85 a month will have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $15 for the Premier League, and from August 2017, customers on contracts under $85 on the free teaser deal will also start paying the $15 as part of the telco’s three season deal.

No doubt the company is also hoping to quell some of the backlash it felt from EPL fans after locking down the exclusive rights with Optus customers, as well as hoping the teaser will lure more people across to Australia’s second biggest telco.

Optus marketing managing director Ben White said the offer was “shaking up the market” and “changing people’s expectations of their telco provider”.

“We’re making it more affordable than ever by giving customers their first season for free on a range of plans from as little as $30 a month,” he said.

Existing Optus customers won’t be as lucky and need to check individual eligibility to find out if they have to pay for EPL access.

For those who prefer watching the soccer on TV rather than their phones, Optus is offerings its Yes TV device for $5 monthly. Apple TV will also be utilised, along with other yet-to-be revealed options.

“We understand that some customers either can’t or don’t want to change their broadband providers, but still want the Premier League. The mini device is a great alternative because it works on any fixed internet service in Australia,” White said.

Optus also plans to offer a satellite service in areas where broadband is poor, but the details won’t be released until next month.

Roy Morgan estimates that Australia has 1.7 million EPL viewers.

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