Brilliant Or Annoying? These Ads Are Designed To Make You Dizzy


Photo: Sony

An optical illusion is an image tricks the eye into seeing something like motion that isn’t there at all.The following examples used in advertisements are designed to grab a viewer’s intention and impart a sense of movement and in some cases…queasiness.

How effective are these ads?  The illusion probably draws the attention away from the brands being advertised, but they’re still pretty cool to look at.

WARNING: If you’re prone to seizures you may want to avoid this one.

GP 2200 Rechargeable Batteries: Non-stop power (2000)

Subaru: All-wheel drive on every surface (2006)

Alcoholics Anonymous: If this is common to you, look for A.A. (2007)

Alcoholics Anonymous: If this is common to you, look for A.A. (2007)

Grassroots hemp store: Trippin (2007)

Duracell -- the battery powers the moving wheels (2007)

Duracell -- yellow and purple (2007)

Nivea haircare -- the undulating magnified hair follicle (2008)

Wonderbra -- drawing the viewers attention to two particular points (2008)

Tribuna de Minas: World Water day (2009)

Audi Quattro Cup 2009: Engaging drives (2009)

There's optical illusions and then there's subliminal messaging

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