These black and white clothes created a viral optical illusion that's playing tricks on people's eyes

  • Holly McKee came across a display of greyscale children’s clothes in a Scottish Asda supermarket that is causing an optical illusion.
  • Contrasted by the colourful items in the aisles, the greyscale section looks eerily colorless.
  • She posted a photo on Twitter, which is going viral.
  • McKee returned to the store to film a video and prove that it’s real.

Holly McKee was shopping for a Halloween costume for her younger sister at Asda supermarket in Dundee Milton, Scotland, when she came across an optical illusion that made her do a double take.

Sandwiched between colourful aisles of clothes and accessories was a display of greyscale children’s clothes so uniform that it looked like a black and white filter had been applied in reality.

“Initially I thought my eyes were going funny, which is why I needed confirmation from my sisters to know it wasn’t just me,”McKee told The Sun. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

McKee first posted the photo to her Instagram story,then to Twitter, captioning it “Thought I went colour blind in Asda today.”

People couldn’t believe their eyes, either.

Some people were convinced that she edited the photo.

She went back to the store to film a video of the display to prove that it was real for her YouTube channel, The Scottish Sisters.

Colour viralThe Scottish Sisters/YouTubeShe had her sister stand in front of it to prove that it’s real.

She had her sister stand in front of the clothes to prove the contrast. She also pointed out that some hangers are coloured while others aren’t, making for some inconsistencies in the original photo she took which people thought were signs of Photoshop.

“OK? Sorted,” she said in the video. “No editing.”

Watch the full video here:


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