Oprah's annual list of her favourite things is here in time for the holidays — just for Aussie shoppers

John Phillips/Getty ImagesGet a head start on your holiday shopping.

Oprah Winfrey has unveiled the annual list of her favourite things.

As usual, her picks span almost every category you can think of from kitchen utensils and smart gadgets to travel pillows and pet DNA kits, making it a useful gift guide ahead of the holiday season.

A selection of her recommended products are available on Amazon AU so you can shop from the comfort of your home.

AmazonThe pad and gloves feature a floral pattern.

Wooden Plant labels $55.60
Kneeling Cushion Pad $69.33
Trowel and Secateurs $97.83

Oprah is a fan of dog DNA test kits.

AmazonLearn about your dog’s breed, genetic ancestry, and health risks.

Cost: $144.99

Find out more about the dog DNA test kit here.

She also recommends getting Amazon’s Echo Spot.

AmazonThe compact speaker can play music, control smart appliances, and more.

Cost: $179

Find out more about the Echo Spot by Amazon here.

Make sparkling water at home with Aarke’s Carbonator II.

AmazonSwap out single-use plastic water bottles for Aarke’s reusable one.

Cost: $303.40

Find out more about the Carbonator II by Aarke here.

Oprah recommends teas by Vahdam.

AmazonGet it for yourself or gift it to someone this holiday season.

Cost: $US29.99

Find out more about these refreshing teas by Vahdam here.

Chronicle Books’ collection of letters lets you send handwritten notes of gratitude to your loved ones.

AmazonEach letter contains a unique prompt such as: ‘What I appreciate about us…’

Cost: $24.30

Find out more about the collection of letters by Chronicle Books here.

Oprah is a fan of the LittBag by PurseN, an LED-lit handbag with built-in compartments.

AmazonThe LED makes it easier to find things in your purse, especially in the dark.

Cost: $169.89

Find out more about the LittBag by PurseN here.

These matching family pajamas by Burt’s Bees Baby also made Oprah’s list.

AmazonYou can even buy a matching bandana for your dog or cat.

Cost: $142.48 – $165.99

Find out more about the matching family pajamas by Burt’s Bees Baby here.

Oprah recommends this wine opener from Rabbit.

AmazonGet it in black, red, or navy blue.

Cost: $121

Find out more about the Axis Lever Corkscrew by Rabbit here.

Cook food indoors with Philips’ infrared grill.

AmazonThe grill is designed to minimise smoke and oil splatter.

Cost: $774.46

Find out more about the infrared indoor grill by Philips here.

Ricoh’s Theta SC 360-degree camera is one of Oprah’s favourite tech picks.

AmazonThe camera captures videos and still photos.

Cost: $299

Find out more about the Theta SC 360-degree camera by Ricoh here.

Nespresso’s Lattissima One espresso machine features several temperature and frothing settings.

AmazonIt contains a separate milk frothing component.

Cost: $590.99

Find out more about the Lattissima One espresso machine by Nespresso here.

You can check out her entire list here.

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