From Rachael Ray To Jimmy Kimmel, Here Are The Best Goodbye Tributes To Oprah

oprah crying

Yeah, yeah, Tom Hanks, we get it — you love Oprah. We watched you say goodbye to her for two hours yesterday and the day before.

In fact, we’re still bowled over by the number of Hollywood A-listers who cleared their schedules to fly to Chicago and bid the big O farewell.

But for everyone who wasn’t there, today is the day to tweet their farewells and run their goodbye-Oprah clip packages.

(We’ll be adding as the day goes on, so check back for new tributes.)

Jimmy Kimmel was so emotional, he had to call in Boyz II Men.

Comedian Rob Huebel's best case scenario for Oprah's departure?

Usher gets spiritual.

Joy Behar is worried about some specific ramifications.

Mariah believes in the power of dreams.

Joan Rivers wants you to know you're not out of the woods yet.

NMA Taiwanese animation had to get in on this.

But don't cry for Oprah -- she's got plenty to keep her happy.

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